Underground Survival Bunker Sales Are Booming


The Bunker Network of The White HouseHow cool are underground bunkers!? They’re a private little (or not-so little) place for you and your family to go in the event of a crazy crisis.


While most people are battling with walking zombies, you’ll be enjoying the comforts of your own bunker. And it seems like many people are thinking this way. BunkerNetwork.com report spikes in new members. And other bunker builders are also announcing good sales levels.


The truth is, we do face a ton of risks – that’s why the president and other ‘elite’ have access to bunkers. As a result, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t prepare and arrange a secure bunker if you and your family needed to evacuate.

Crowdfunding For Yourself


Online-FundraisingCrowdfunding is a geeky pursuit that is going mainstream. Most of us have seen cool gadgets get funded by a growing category is fundraising for individuals.


Have a cause that you want funded? Need to go on a volunteer trip? Have medical bills that are racking up? Crowdfunding has never been more of an acceptable way to raise money online.


Although the money wont just fall from the sky. By getting friends and family to fund you first you’ll naturally gain traction on whatever website you’re using and there will then be the chance of getting funded from strangers.




Home Security Gadgets


indexIf you’re into gadgets and you own your own home, you’ll love home security gadgets!


I spend a ton of time browsing through sites like Firebox, IWOOT and others just to check out the latest gadgets that I can pick up. And, if the Mrs’ asks it’ll go a long way when you say it’s for the protection of your family.


My current favorite gadgets are the biometric door locks and home CCTV and you can view form your smartphone.


Don’t wanna faff around with your keys? BAM! Whack your finger print on the reader.


Wanna check up on the house while away? BAM! Whack out your smart phone and get a live feed.


Interested in gadgets? Be sure to check these gems out